Home to HG_Eliminator * aka* PhenomTT. Yeh its not much to look at yet, I havent finished unpacking..
thought this would be a cool idea..
Published on November 10, 2007 By HG_Eliminator In OS Customization
I was browsing one of my favorite authors over at DA and saw this.
A Free reminder card for all who wish to use it.
I thought it was a great idea and a nice gesture by allhopeislost.

heres the DA page hes uploaded it to. Pay him a visit and get the full sized image

I have already started using it in my screenshots as well as going to update my other stuff with it..


Soon hes going to upload the PSD for those who wish to mod it to personalize..

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on Nov 10, 2007
Anything positive to prevent copyright theft is ok in my book.
on Nov 10, 2007
in the way you used it (in a little from on a corner of the preview/ss) i think it could be a good idea
on Nov 11, 2007
on Nov 11, 2007
hey great idea, maybe if there was a little more transparency and a smaller size I think it could work...way to to go HG(bud)
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