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i been going to this site for years with my kids.. they track Santa in real time starting Christmas eve, in the east and traveling around the world by nightfall.. its fun for the kids and theres games etc to do too.. and it shows them how close the ol fella is to home... Enjoy ..

Santa Tracker
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on Dec 03, 2008

C'mon munkeh...you know you hog the screen and the kids don't get to see anything! Time for a dual monitor!

Do you have a camera in my house?...Are you watching me right now?...You are aren't you.  Well **, did you see that?!

yup. Now pick up the pooh, little munkeh.

on Dec 24, 2008

tis already moving along..


on Dec 24, 2008

Cool find HG


He's in Ireland now folks

on Dec 24, 2008

Hope he's here soon!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO hoping for a new bottle of Zantac 150 heartburn pills this year!!!

on Dec 24, 2008

I'll be checking the site again this year. The cool thing is, I think my kids have forgotten about it, so it'll be like new to them all over again.

bet he's busily making a dock to tie the raindeer up to...

on Dec 24, 2008

Awesome thread. I would show this to my kids but i'm at work till midnight tonight.   Thanks for the heads up HG! 

@ vStyler...... Your a sufferer too huh? I feel your pain man. I don't even remember the last time i had orange juice. Mine really kicks my ass. Total drag.

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