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It really hit me today when reading a postmortem sign written by my 6 yo after his older sister broke his boogie board. "Here lies terminatorII, Because my sister BSOD it."  I couldnt help but chuckle to see him use A PC term more befittingly.


Any one else noticing the trend toward common PC terms being incorporated in to daily conversation? Or have any stories about comical use of PC terms?

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on Oct 02, 2008

Transistors are based in Quantum Mechanics.

on Oct 02, 2008


Quoting kapkao, reply 18
I recognize the term from another msgboard, along with CMOS flasher- aka a piece of malware that will give you a computer that can't be booted.

I have no idea what "Flash" is, though. Unless it's from Macromedia/Adobe.

I this case "flash" actually refers to a much older form of CMOS chip, you used to delete the data on it by "flashing" it with a UV light pulse through a clear plate on the chip.  The term was later carried over to include chips that were deleted by electric pulses as well, which is what the virus CMOS flasher used to do.

Rob seems to have 'got it'... And I believe it was a virus that was being discussed at the time... not much more I could add to the above. In fact, none.

on Oct 03, 2008

A few years ago, I was driving to lunch off base with a couple of my Navy buddies.  We were heading back to base, and were talking about computers, and I said "I just got a new graphics card in my brain....everything looks so REAL now."  And then when we got closer to the gate, I added "I've done this part.  You have to have a card to get on.  Here...show the guy this (handed him my military ID) and we can get to the next stage."

on Oct 04, 2008

Well....I guess I'm in the Old Codgers ranks because I have no idea what a lot of these terms mean...though I do look them up when needed...but I've never caught myself talking pc terms...I have a hard enough time trying to understand people that try to speak english! And my daughter sends me these text messages and I have to call her to ask her what the hell she was talking about!

on Oct 04, 2008

And my daughter sends me these text messages and I have to call her to ask her what the hell she was talking about!

I know what that's all about, and I still don't understand the lingo when I call mine... she has words, terms and phrases I need a interpreter to translate for me... and even then I'm not always sure.  Still can't make my mind up if she's the one from a different planet, or I am.  Either way, I need to invest in a dictionary that was published more recently than the 1960's if I'm to have half a chance.

on Oct 07, 2008

Hehe, I heard a real pearler earlier today... two guys were arguing and one said to the other: "You are so Apple/Mac!!!"

When they went their separate ways I asked him what he meant by it and he said that it meant "You're so far up yourself"

on Oct 07, 2008

Just noob and a few other stuff nothing serious, but some of my friends that play WoW have started saying things like terabad and stuff (clearly too much WoW for them)

on Oct 07, 2008

I always say e-mail when I mean snail-mail it and delete it instead of throw it out

on Oct 07, 2008

Hm that reminds me, I use e-mail as sort of a joke, like "E-mail me some ice cream!"... yeah, I know.

on Oct 08, 2008

Told a pal "the checks in the Email" one time. He was joking around about helping me and said Id get his bill.

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