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Can we add more ?
Published on December 11, 2008 By HG_Eliminator In Object Desktop

Is it possible for WB Config window to recognize explorer backgrounds added to the folder? and if so what are the peramiters for the Images? I have tried TGA. BMP,Jpeg to no avail.

on Dec 11, 2008

I'm not sure but I would assume that any added image would have to be linked via code somewhere also.


Easy enough to replace them per skin tho.

on Dec 11, 2008

Quite possibly John, Typically WB config has had a browser function to add or pick other Images for certain items or looks in a specific folder for the default images given * which you can normally add to*, but this section neither seemd to work. I was hoping that there was a way  some could be added.

I realize for us with SKS skills it is a simple task. But I was asked by another who is not a skinner who would like to choose a explorer BG other than the supplied ones..

on Dec 11, 2008

You have to add the background texture to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Stardock\WindowBlinds\Vista Images\Textures and then edit the backgrounds.uis file in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Stardock\WindowBlinds\Vista Images and add a new entry for your texture.

on Dec 11, 2008

awesome Littleboy.. it worked perfectly..

on Dec 11, 2008

hmm.. good guess

on Jan 22, 2010

Littleboy, that  isn't working. I can't find that path on my computer.   

I have no users folder in C. I have to go: my computer/shared documents/stardock/windowblinds/vista images/ textures; to get to texture folder. I also can't find the uis file in vista images. I use WB to open the texture folders, and get a "There appears to be no uis file in this skin, are you sure it's a it's a windowblnds skin?" error.

I have one image of my own that loaded, and is applied to explorer backgrounds when selected, but when I try to open this file, and substitue the image for a new one, I get the same missing skin data error. What am I doing wrong??

I'm using WB 7 and windows XP sp3.

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