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Touch screen heaven.. or is it?
Published on June 25, 2009 By HG_Eliminator In Personal Computing

Ok here it is one month and 1 day since I got my LG Dare. It was my birthday present. I have been so far impressed with it as a whole. But there are a few things they could do better on.

I love the way it looks, a nice elegant phone..

The desktop is customizable in the essence, You can Drag and drop Icons on to the desktop, set it to use a hide away dock or Just have all icons hidden till you press on the desktop.. (I use hidden). You also have a decent range of icons to choose from for the dock or desktop. At the bottom it has 5 dedicated icons for messaging,calling,settings,contacts,favorites. Tho I would prefer to remove them since I have the ones I use the most already set in my icon menu, but thier there for the duration..

It has 3.2 mgp camera, the camera works quite well and takes a fantastic pic.. the video it takes stomps the web camera in my laptop to death. The auto focus and flash add quite a well rounded list of goodies to make taking pics with this phone fun and handy, I actually use'd it more this last month than my 4.0 mgp camera. The Dare took better pictures than the dedicated camera.. The camera on the LG Dare is made by Schneider Kreuznach. The company won an Oscar  for technical achievement in motion picture lenses.

I have played a bit with the Internal Image editing stuff, crop,etc. but have not really delved in to it enough in to from an opinion.

Music is clean and clear. I cant tell any real diff from my Ipod touch for quality. I use the same Bluetooth head set for both.. and it plays MP3 as well as AAC.

Videos are Clear and not difficult to see, considering the screen is a tad smaller than my Ipod touch * like .80 inches smaller or somthing*. Watching movies or clipz you just recorded on the built in Video recorder is a snap. Wide screen is supported.

Messaging is nice and works well. But is some what hampered by the small keys on the virtual keyboard. I frequently have to edit messages as I fumble thru typing. ** every one on IRC knows my Typing rocks**    I find myself using my Stylus/Pen more and more to type messages.  *I would use a stylus with my Ipod touch as well, But it dont support Stylus input*

Speaker is loud but clear..it works well for listening to music and movies, but I do have to turn it down for phone calls as it can get a bit distorted. * I think the calls are actually louder at the same volume setting as the Music/movies* Tho one i have turned it down the calls are clear.. the ear speaker ( while holding to your head to talk) does not distort even on the highest setting. **Unless I upset the Mrs** To which I would not need the phone to hear her anyways.

It supports 8 gig MicroSD cards, LG would have faired better to have it support 16 gigs atleast to keep up with the Ipod/Phone.

It does come with USB cable and AC USB Charging dock. Transfering music, movies, etc is a breeze with the USB charging cable.


While it does not replace my Ipod Touch. ( I'm hooked on the Games * Sim City* woohoo!! ) the LG Dare does do awesome as a camera/phone and all around media player. If your looking for a great phone with plenty of Multimedia gooodies, The dare is a good bet.


Tho the dare is supposed to have games etc available for purchase from Verizon, I have not delved in to them enough to give a qualified review on them...






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