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If you havent updated yet... beware.. it could cost you more than the price of the update...
Published on December 13, 2009 By HG_Eliminator In Internet

I updated to the new 3.1.2 OS for my Ipod touch when it first popped up on itunes. At first I thought cool...until i tried using my wifi connection.

Now no mater what I do it wont connect to any wifi, not my home network, not wifi hotspots. nothing. it sees the routers and tries to connect , including asking for the password to my home net only to get, unable to join the network "--------".  Before this update I could connect with no issues. I have tried all sugestions offered by users at the Apple support forums. Including resetting the net settings ,restarting the phone, doing a full restore, downloading 3.1.2 again and reinstalling, to no avail.

So I called Apple to see if I could get some help. But since my Ipod is 158 days out of warranty I got sorry we can offer you links to our user support forums but no actual support unless you pay. I was livid, I bought this update that killed my WIFI and now I have to pay them to fix it??? I asked if there was a way to revert to the last version of the OS but was told they dont support doing that and offered no help.

Not to mention since this upate the wifi seems to have gotten weaker, by the essence that I can find my home wifi in any room of my house with my laptop, and used to be able to with my Ipod as well. But since the update I can be standing next to the router and my ipod only sees it some of the time or not at all. I also went in to my router to see if at least the ipod was being seen by my router, it isnt..it's as if the update turned off the ipods ability to be detected. As well as weakened the distance the ipod recieves wifi signal.

I have always been very satisfied with my Apple purchases up until this point.. But when I purchase an update that screws up a perfectly working item, and am told sorry ur SOL unless you pay us to fix it, it tends to leave me a bit less than appeased. Almost seems like extortion..


Interestingly enough I see folks getting all mad at SD support when they take a few days to get their issue resolved. whoopie deal.. In 10 or so years they have never left me feeling screwed.. SD support rocks compared to most out there.

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on Jan 03, 2010

Maybe it was the pizza between wifi and the iPod preventing access. Your son has the magic touch.  


you should know Pizza never lasts long enough around here to get in the way.


he as baffled as I am.. he just opened Safari for the umpteenth time and wala it finally worked..

on Dec 07, 2010



on Dec 07, 2010

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