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If you are tired of getting tons of FB game invites and postings pass this tip on to your gamer friends, or if you want to be cool to your non gaming friends on FB use this tip yourself...


Create a new list in friends naming it Farmville for example or {what ever your games name is}, add all your farmville neighbors and save.. now when one of those windows popup asking you to publish say finding a golden egg, look next to the publish button for a lock looking symbol clik it and select custom, then in the new window that pops up select " specific people" in the" make this visible to these people" menu. In the text box below it, Type in Farmville ( it will automatically show the Friends group in a drop down as you start typing it) then hit save and publish, this will send that announcement and only publish to those in that group of people.... as a side note you can also use this to select specific people to send things too by just doing as above by typing the individual names instead of typing in the friends list. do the same with each game making a friends list and using the custom send features to send them to just those for each game or specific people.. remember you will need to use the same group name in the custom send feature as you created in the friends list.. Also it will not auto add new members to the friends list as you add them to a game.. you will have to add them to that games friends list for them to see the game postings you send..

I hope this tip helps you not drive your non gaming pals crazy as well as not flood thier walls with stuff they really dont want to see.

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on Feb 24, 2010

...Or they could do what I do and just hide game posts so I see only what matters to me...

(Well... at least hide posts from games I don't play myself)

on Feb 24, 2010

on Feb 24, 2010

Snowman searches for the 'Like'....

on Feb 24, 2010

Yeah, it's not like the Hide button is really well hidden or anything.    I already hid FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, and whatever the hell else was spamming the crap out of me.


I almost like Castle Age.  It's still crap, but it's got half decent art at least.

on Feb 25, 2010

on Feb 26, 2010

on Feb 26, 2010


on Feb 28, 2010

I'm on Facebbok myself and it annoys me sometimes to get all of them notifications but I just ignore them. I'm not into playing them games. I have alot of family and friends that really get into it, but if that's what they liked, oh well. I can deal with it.


on Feb 28, 2010

I almost like Castle Age. It's still crap, but it's got half decent art at least.


the newest art like the lotusravenmoore gal is a DA artists work. hes been comissioned to do the new images for the generals etc..

on Mar 01, 2010


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