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Any one else feeling ripped off?
Published on August 14, 2011 By HG_Eliminator In Personal Computing

As of lately I'm starting to get annoyed with my cellphone insurance carrier.


Let me explain, I bought 2 years ago a LG dare. I lost it while at work last year, so I had the MRS call the insurance carrier for my Phone to get me a replacement.  " I was currently working out of state and  had no access to the insurance carriers number much less a phone to call them, I had to borrow a co workers phone to Call the Mrs" they tell her the Dare was discontinued and told her If I did not like the LG voyager "downgrade" of a phone they sent me I could call them up and get a LG chocolate3 touch instead. 

Next day the Voyager shows up at my room, external broken screen and all. I call them using the internal screen and buttons telling them the phone was received broken, after about 20 min of doing tech support stuff to try and fix the messed up external screen, I tell the lady that I would prefer the Chocolate touch screen promised to the Mrs if I did not like this phone, she said sorry this is no longer a warranty issue and is now a tech issue and she could no longer send me a chocolate replacement. I was livid.. the next day the replacement voyager shows..


I use this one unhappily for almost a year until the charging port decides to fall off. The mrs uses thier online claims service and another busted voyager is sent, I call them back today and say " this is the 3rd Voyager in a year, Can I now get the chocolate 3 you promised last year?" She says I'm sorry sir but I only show you getting 2 of the LG under the Tech side of ur warranty and will have to have 3 returned phones before we can switch you to another make of phone.  I am spitting nails at this point. I realize at this point if this phone coming works I will be stuck with the crappy thing forever.


They downgrade me to a 2 megapxl camera phone with no 3.5mm head phone jack on which none of my peripherals work, "Car charger,Usb cable,custom noise reducing headphones with Call capability. From a 3.1 megapxl multi media phone, and are seemingly making me go thru their entire stock of broken voyagers before I can get something comparable to my old dare.

Im really feeling ripped off at this point..


Yes I could go and sign another contract and get a new smart phone etc. but It's not the point.. If that's the only way to get another phone comparable to what I had before then why buy the stupid insurance?


Any one else have issues with their Phone insurance carrier?

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on Aug 14, 2011

hmmmmmm. i'm guessing kona has never used an iphone. i'm not going to knock droids. even tho i have one, i'm still not going to knock them. let's just say the iphone is better.

on Aug 14, 2011


Just stay with one carrier for a while the benefits are next to limitless......


I've been with the same carrier for 18+ years now and I get pretty much everything/anything I want.  Hardware upgrades are never an issue,  I'm still on a very old heavily discounted plan with no contract at the moment.  The next time I want something I'll just remind them again how long I've been with them and no problems. 


As far as the OP getting screwed like that......always make sure you note the date/time of each call, the person you were talking to and the call particulars.  Of course if it had been me and they promised an upgrade if not satisfied with the downgrade I would have not accepted the downgrade for a year before getting on their case again.  The squeaky wheel get's the oil as my dad used to say......and I can be squeaky as hell!  hehe 

on Aug 14, 2011

hmmmmmm. i'm guessing kona has never used an iphone.

I have. Don't care for them. iPhone 4 is known to drop calls.

on Aug 14, 2011

The cell phone insurance doesn't make any sense, anyway, because of the deductible.  The deductible can wind up being half the price of the phone.  It's like, why even pay premiums?   Plus if you're like me and you lose your phone, you can just eat the cost yourself.  The point of insurance is when an earthquake levels your $250,000 house or you need $100,000 quadruple bypass surgery.  So your $200 phone fell in the drainage sewer, bleh, it's called "upgrade opportunity". 

As far as auto and home insurance, USAA is the not just the best; it's the *ONLY* insurance company.  Don't even shop around.  USAA just opened up eligibility to everybody.  Just get them and be done.

on Aug 14, 2011

Yeah - Whatever. They just send you to Progressive.

"USAA auto insurance isn't available to you — but we still can help.

Our mission is to serve military service members and their families. Even though USAA auto insurance isn't available because of membership requirements, we can still can help you get insured today. The USAA General Agency has worked with Progressive Insurance for more than 20 years to provide options for members who aren’t eligible for USAA auto insurance."


on Aug 14, 2011

???   Maybe the open eligibility thing hasn't come into effect yet.   ?

on Aug 14, 2011

you guys need to simplify and go with Track phone-- like I have.   

on Aug 15, 2011

I am looking at getting insurance on the next phone since my wife has managed to lose one and swim with another in the space of 2 years.  But given your experience, I am going to look a lot harder at it.

on Aug 16, 2011

Get something cheap enough you can survive its loss...and let the Insurers con someone else instead...

That's what I did... a $29.95 and 1 year's pre-paid credit with Vodaphone for $29.95... stuff the idea of buying credit that expires every month, what a friggin' ripoff.  Not having any telco telling me they'll wipe the slate clean if I don't happen to use what I PAID for.

As for insurers, well they're parasitic and right down there with scum sucking, low-life bankers... profit it their only concern and "eff you" if you need to claim.  Just ask the victims of the Qld floods who are still struggling to rebuild their lives because insurance companies refused to pay out on 'flood cover' policies/claims.

Yup, f**K insurers AND bankers.

on Aug 16, 2011

It's in the Insurer's interest to try as hard as they can to AVOID paying out on claims...as the more payouts the less profitable they are.

Simple economics.

Sometimes you are required by Law to have Insurance for various things....and then it's simply an Impost.  I pay Professional Indemnity Insurance every year...and if I don't I'm deregistered and cannot practise.  Prior to the requirement I had the better part of 30 years practice without someone wanting/needing to sue.

Money for nothing and your chicks for free.....

on Aug 17, 2011

LOL got the phone yesterday.. and a notice, my policy has been canceled. so yeh they stuck me with this dumb voyager... 

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