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at best it could be .. but is it worth the $ or hastle?
Published on December 27, 2004 By HG_Eliminator In Personal Computing
Have you seen those blazeing ads or emails with "win a iPod""your IBM laptop is wating to be shipped"?? Ive seen these in my inbox for quite a while and decided to do some snooping. If you think the ad sounds too good to be true.. it probably is .Read the Fine Print .. You either have to buy lots of expensive software/services,Have to follow complicated rules or have to get eight or so of your friends to buy/sign up a service. Even tho many may be legit, most are either going to cost you or your friends a ton of $ to get the freebie(compareatively you will spend more than the cost of the "gift"), or the rules are so confuseing and/or compliated that its almost impossible to get the "gift"... In the end, you may only come out with increased spam in your inbox,as your email addy and info is sold..

if you do decide to go for it.....i would advise to throughly read up on the rules/fine print before handing out your info...

on Dec 27, 2004

If it sounds too good to be true then fortunately you won't be fooled by it.

If it doesn't sound too good to be true then you WILL be fooled by it.

That's life in a nutshell...

on Dec 27, 2004
This sound like a good time to plug Affini.com

If you have Affini, you can use that web email address to 'butler' what gets send to you and what doesn't. Also, you can have mail sent to it through another email adress (forwarded or use the pop3 address) and it will 'butler' your inbox for the spam.

Also there is an article on WinCustom about how to use GMAIL alias to avoid the spam menacing websites.
on Dec 27, 2004
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