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heres a few examples of what NOT to do when working on a pc
Published on April 20, 2005 By HG_Eliminator In Personal Computing
As i sit here looking at the charred remains of what was once my wifes work pc ( i had to bring it home to work
on) I realize that maybe i would share a few of the "no no's" ive seen in pc building. Since this IS a manufactured pc by a big Co. I will state that these no no's apply to all pc builders not just "joe blow" down the lane...

#1. No rubberbands... the pc im currently at task of trying to see if is worth stripping for parts, has been the culprit of these little stretchy "PC killers". As i open the case and let the baked circuit board fumes dissipate i see 2 broken rubberbands. 1 wraped around the P4 CPU fan, the other strangleing the Power supplys fan...rubber bands are oil based and the heat of a pc will dry them out, the weakest section of the rubber band will break causeing it to shoot off on to whatever's near by.(most likely a fan)...spend the 10 cents and get a zip tie.....

#2. NO tape....I have found on many occasions that people tend to think take is a good alternative to zip ties,or that electrical tape is useable in a pc enviroment. WRONG...tape is held on by a type of glue.. in a pc the temperatures will make that tapes glue soften to the point of releasing its hold. thus allowing the tape to unwravel. typically it will get sucked up in to the nearest fan and jam the fan up...if you for any reason actually need to repair a wire in the pc use shrink tubing , its a tubing that when heated will shrink around the wires. The shrink tubing does a better job on insulating the wires as well...you can find various lengths and thicknesses to fit the many types of wire guages.....

#3. NO shocking the PC...This refers to touching the pc in a ungrounded manor.... Pcs are very shock sensitive.. When working on a PC (after unpluging it) make sure to ground yourself to it. I took 2 aligator clips and a coil wire. I soldered 1 clip to each end of the wire. I then clip 1 end to a shirt sleve or other part of clothing. The other clip gets clamped directly to the case of the pc i am currently working on. This allows no static electricity to build up on me as i move around getting tools and stuff...

#4. NO washing the PC...This refers to the inner mechanisms and hardware...often people try to wash the dirty insides of their pcs .. use canned air to remove dust and built up hair etc...never get water near the pc (expecially if its pluged in)...

I will add more to the list as i get time

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on Apr 20, 2005
Geez, you've seen the ugly. I haven't seen any computer with rubberbands. And after I read that, I was like who the heck was stupid enough to put it around a CPU? Didn't they realize the CPU normally get extremely hot unless it's well ventalated with several fans? At least I've managed to get my processor very cold with fans
on Apr 20, 2005
they actually had the rubber bands tieing the floppy cable extra length cables together... but when the rubber bands broke they found their way in to the fans ...
on Apr 20, 2005
My Case if you're wondering about the cooling -> http://www.thermaltake.com/xasercase/Damier/v5000a.htm
on Apr 20, 2005
O' IC.. Still, Zip Ties work nice, especially UV ones or there are velcro(sp maybe) straps that work too. But zip ties work best inside and the velcro outside for the wires.
on Apr 20, 2005
my case http://www.aerocool.us/case/jetmaster/jetmaster%20bk-photo.htm this one dropped my cpu 15 degrees from my thermal take case and thats just with the 2 included fans theres holes for 2 more

oh and i had all 8 fans running in my TT case ...
on Apr 20, 2005
Wow, that's a interesting case. Looks cool
on Apr 20, 2005
For #3, I found a wrist band with curly (phone type) cord and clip on the end, at Radio Shack for about $3.00
on Apr 20, 2005
cool .. good sugestion ama02...
on Apr 20, 2005
My Little Green Dragon

Since this seems to be the thread for it..::laughs:: heres the "Mod" that I built.. CPU max'd at 100% 24/7 runs at 42c's I used Artic silver during installation on it and am running the stock heatsink and fan.. I only am running 4 case fans, all are UV blue LED's ... As you can see in the pic I did have a thermaltake fan and heatsink on it but the thing was much to noisy..it lasted perhaps 10 mins before I ripped it out of there and put the Intel in there, LoL.

on Apr 20, 2005
on Apr 20, 2005

Looks nice. It looks like you got one of those kits where you put the pieces together to make the case.

I was thinking about coming up with several ideas for Mods and build them. Just getting the time and money is the problem. We'll see....
on Apr 20, 2005
ack... who would put rubber-bands in their PC???? It's a bit silly, considering the core temparature the CPU runs at, and the low melting point of rubber....

Tape is a tricky thing, and yes you can use tape in your PC's, but not the insulating tape at yer loacl Bob's Hardware... u need a gud quality electrical tape with high thermal resistivty. As HG mentioned, it's better to get zip ties.

A cooling system is absolutely crucial to your system, especially if you have a processor with high clock speed etc. If you want to invest some quality money, I'd suggest you try out liquid nitrogen cooling pipes... really good. You can even overclock, say a P4 2.8 Ghz to apporximatley 5.3 Ghz without frying your chips. Plus, they cut down noise level if your PC sounds like a dying prehistoric beast

on Apr 20, 2005
I saw this cooling system on Thermaltake's site -> http://www.thermaltake.com/watercooling/cl-w0011rocket/cl-w0011.htm

I thought it was interesting
on Apr 21, 2005
here's what not to do to your computer! Link
on Apr 21, 2005
here's what not to do to your computer!

Well now that really depends on what exactly you want to do to the computer doesnt it?
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