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December 30, 2013 by HG_Eliminator
My new Asus laptop came with windows 8, the start screen was annoying and the desktop had no way to easily navigate to my favorite files and programs. So i decided to give Start 8 a try... works like a charm, no hassle set up and easy to configure. Yay!! my start buttons back !!. Thx Guys

September 18, 2012 by HG_Eliminator
The devs at L.S. have assembled a new site for the Steppers in the community. After the demise of the old site Acidfire,The-Golem,Alur,Tobbe and Rootrider. have managed to assemble a new site for us steppers. Feel free to drop on in and poke about, Sounds like lots of interesting stuff is in the future.. 


November 10, 2007 by HG_Eliminator
I was browsing one of my favorite authors over at DA and saw this.
A Free reminder card for all who wish to use it.
I thought it was a great idea and a nice gesture by allhopeislost.

heres the DA page hes uploaded it to. Pay him a visit and get the full sized image

I have already started using it in my screenshots as well as going to update my other stuff with it..

Soon hes go...
January 5, 2005 by HG_Eliminator
having problems installing those fire fox themes ? drag and drop didnt work for all the themes i found .. but this did ... http://texturizer.net/firefox/themes/index.html