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October 11, 2007 by HG_Eliminator
It seems Damaged IPhone owners will get their Day in court. Two class action lawsuits have been filed against ATT and Apple,In San Jose ,Calif, one state and one federal. The law suit claims they engaged in illegal monopolistic behavior. (sounds like something I said when this whole fiasco started).

With millions sold and possibly thousands damaged...this could really Hit the Two power houses hard. Could IPhone owners get vindication? Could this mean the end of big business forcing re...
January 15, 2006 by HG_Eliminator
I recently broke my old portable media player (apparently it was not fire proof.*dont ask*)

so i was on a quest for a new player... I wanted a feature rich player that was fun as well as functional....i researched online, the many various media

After a weeks worth of investigating I settled on the Video capable, 5th
generation Ipod by Apple,Black.. A worth while investment.. Even tho I still feel it is a
lil over priced.(it makes me nervous to pa...
April 20, 2005 by HG_Eliminator
As i sit here looking at the charred remains of what was once my wifes work pc ( i had to bring it home to work
on) I realize that maybe i would share a few of the "no no's" ive seen in pc building. Since this IS a manufactured pc by a big Co. I will state that these no no's apply to all pc builders not just "joe blow" down the lane...

#1. No rubberbands... the pc im currently at task of trying to see if is worth stripping for parts, has been the culprit of these little stretchy "PC killers...
January 5, 2005 by HG_Eliminator
having problems installing those fire fox themes ? drag and drop didnt work for all the themes i found .. but this did ... http://texturizer.net/firefox/themes/index.html
December 27, 2004 by HG_Eliminator
Have you seen those blazeing ads or emails with "win a iPod""your IBM laptop is wating to be shipped"?? Ive seen these in my inbox for quite a while and decided to do some snooping. If you think the ad sounds too good to be true.. it probably is .Read the Fine Print .. You either have to buy lots of expensive software/services,Have to follow complicated rules or have to get eight or so of your friends to buy/sign up a service. Even tho many may be legit, most are either going to cost you or y...
December 16, 2004 by HG_Eliminator
Have you ever had to pitch a hdd after getting a nasty virus/or after wipeing the hdd because it would not boot?. I came pretty close. After dancing around, pulling my hair and useing a few rather choice words.. i decided to do some research. I found that theres many boot viruses and not all are found by anitvirus software. Some MBR or boot sector viruses can hide in empty areas of the hdd and act like damaged sectors(i found one of these sneaky lil buggers in one of my laptops). a Scandis...
December 15, 2004 by HG_Eliminator
Ever wonder what those services are that run in the background ? well heres the place you can find out. Link

not only does he have updated explanations of all the services for XP/2000..but it also explains how to turn off the unnecessary ones, and how to decide which are unnecessary...read up.. theres plenty of useful info here ...